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Flexibility: Whether you are a direct client or an institution that needs back-office client support services, Quantum Capital provides strong risk management facilities in a regulatory-controlled environment while also providing the flexibility for your business to grow without unnecessary administrative burdens.


Tailored Fees: We have the flexibility to offer bespoke fee structures that allow our institutional clients to retain and attract their own new clients.


Comprehensive Back-Office Support: We provide full administration, compliance and operations support, which enables our institutional clients to concentrate on serving their clients efficiently and effectively.


Investment Advisory: Our institutional clients have full access to our Investment Advisory Team, which can provide investment ideas, bespoke portfolios, and joint client meetings as needed.


Deal Flow: Our institutional clients gain access to our exclusive deal flow across multiple asset classes, including access to real estate and other alternative investment opportunities.


Tactical Ideas: Quantum Capital sources opportunities from multiple global investment banks and brokers, which gives Quantum Capital and our clients early access to investment opportunities across all major asset classes.


Scale: By tapping into our long-term relationships with product and service providers, our institutional clients benefit from substantial economies of scale.


VIP Events: We host and provide access to events and product showcases, which provides our institutional clients with new ideas and networking opportunities.